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The Solopreneur Life

  • How Can I Earn Extra Income For Less than $100?
    What if I told you there’s a way to earn extra income for less than $100… You might be thinking to yourself that this is flat out impossible. You might be thinking that I’m trying to pull a fast one. You might even be under the impression that…
    - 39 days ago, 7 Feb 19, 8:56pm -
  • What Is Passive Income?
    What Is Passive Income and How Do You Do It? Basically, it’s the opposite of trading dollars for hours. Most people have been raised on the concept of trading dollars for hours and so they try to find jobs that just increase the hourly rate. They g…
    - 49 days ago, 29 Jan 19, 1:04am -
  • Follow Your Solopreneur Dreams
    John Greenleaf Whittier said “Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been.” It’s interesting that 5 of’s 12 regrets deal with not following your dreams. Don’t wish away your life. Follow your Solo…
    - 21 Apr 17, 8:03pm -
  • Can You Improve Your Solopreneur Mindset?
    Some people are naturals at Solopreneurship. They know how to generate business as easily as eating their breakfast. They seem to have a great business mindset. For others, they struggle with business and it could be because they don’t have that sa…
    - 13 Apr 17, 11:59pm -

The Solopreneur Guide

  • Should a Millennial Run Your Social Media Program?

    Should a Millennial Run Your Social Media Program?

    Who is the best person to manage your day-to-day social media content? Many small businesses turn the responsibility over to someone on the team who is young and hip, roughly between the ages of 18 to 25, also known as the Millennial or Generation Y…
    - 16 Oct 12, 1:05pm -
  • Do You Have an Agile Online Marketing Plan?

    Do You Have an Agile Online Marketing Plan?

    If you’ve paid any attention to the changes within the marketing world, especially online, you’ve seen ongoing stories of new and emerging social media networks and new and updated search engine algorithms. How are you adjusting your marketing st…
    - 14 Oct 12, 7:03pm -
  • Facebook Fan Pages vs. Branding Sites

    Facebook Fan Pages vs. Branding Sites

    The population in the virtual nation of Facebook is approaching the 1 billion mark. Even with some recent news where Facebook admitted that some of these profiles were fake there still is a sizeable population on the social network. In a recent surve…
    - 28 Sep 12, 10:11pm -
  • 6 Sources for Creating a Consistent Flow of Marketing Content

    6 Sources for Creating a Consistent Flow of Marketing Content

    Frequency and consistency are keys to creating successful marketing campaigns. If you want the market to get to know you, you have to “touch” them regularly with quality content. This can be very difficult for solopreneurs, and small and medium-s…
    - 21 Sep 12, 5:14pm -

The Small Business Blog

  • Why effective lead management can help small businesses grow
    Growth and expansion is important in any business, but it is especially true for small business who might only just be starting out in their industry. It’s important to hit the ground running and lay strong foundations in the market for your busine…
    - 20 Jul 18, 2:09pm -
  • How business support services can help small businesses grow
    When you stake your claim in a market for the first time as a small business – whether as a sole trader or with a couple additional staff members – it’s always immensely gratifying to watch your business grow and expand. Growing as a small busi…
    - 19 Jul 18, 1:35pm -
  • How To Become A Self-Employed Permanent Makeup Artist
    Ever contemplated permanent makeup artist as a career choice? Congratulations! You have just begun the journey towards being a specialist in the permanent cosmetics industry-an exciting and rewarding profession. And, for your information, did you kno…
    - 16 Apr 18, 8:04am -
  • Online Accounting Among Top Tips for New Entrepreneurs
    Starting a new business is more than just coming up with an idea and pitching it to customers. There is a tonne of planning that goes into a new enterprise, followed by convincing financing sources to get behind the idea. Then there are tasks like hi…
    - 4 Aug 17, 2:27pm -